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Air Locker Training is unique, but not exclusive to the elite athlete. Focused on promoting health and wellness, ALT uses Simulated Altitude Training to create an environment that encourages the human body to push itself, simply by reducing the amount of oxygen in the room. Completely safe and non-invasive, this method of training is backed by extensive evidence and boosts the health of the mind, body and soul. Every single person, no matter the fitness level, can enhance physical performance when training with us. Altitude is for everyone.

Health & Wellness

Air Locker Training goes beyond the sweat. The intent, the purpose and the research which surrounds Simulated Altitude Training all prove one thing – that there is a relationship between altitude training, health and wellness; all three of which are vital to your lifestyle. Air Locker Training believes in wellness through fitness and will work with you to get fit and encourage mindfulness and positivity, helping reduce the risk of many adverse health outcomes.


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