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Welcome to Air Locker Training and the Coaches Manual.

We hope that your time with us as a coach is not only enjoyable and rewarding but gives you fresh insight into a very different form of training – group fitness at high altitude.

Altitude training is of course not new. In fact, you may have already trained in an altitude studio. What we do at Air Locker, however, is different in so many ways, as is about to be revealed! 

The purpose of Air Locker Training Coaches Manual is to give you a clear understanding of your role as a coach, explain the importance of your role in relation to the customer experience and journey, and to equip you with the knowledge and tools for a successful coaching outcome every time.

Air Locker Training - ALT Unique Selling PointsAir Locker Training is a unique offering in the marketplace. We have identified 5 Points of Differentiation which set up apart from our competitors. Each of those unique selling points (USP’s) are highlighted in this manual with the symbol you see to the left. It is crucial for coaches to have buy-in to each point, and to fully understand the role each of them play to ensure a memorable experience in the Customer Journey you influence.

This Air Locker Training Coaches Manual now forms part of the ALT coach induction process, setting the minimum benchmark for all ALT Coaches. A coach development and education program will be rolled throughout 2021 and beyond. As you proceed through the manual you will be required to complete two short 5-10min assessments which will ensure you have a firm grasp of the content of the manual. Both assessments must be completed in order to reach the conclusion. Any questions on the assessments should be directed to your immediate Studio Manager.

Links to pdf visuals of  the 5 Points of Differentiation and the basic studio Customer Journey can be found on the final two pages of the manual. 

The Coaches Manual should be read in conjunction with the ALT Playbook, job description, employee handbook, Contract of Employment (if applicable) and other supporting documents relevant to your role.

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