Air Locker Training

Coaches Manual


How you do anything is how you do everything.

An understanding of that, is an acceptance of high performance which is a result of what we do all the time. Excellence isn’t selective. Positive habits built before, during and after class will deliver the ultimate class experience for our members, led by YOU the coaches.


  • ALT provides all workout programming, so our expectations are simply that all coaches take 5-10 mins of prep work for their class before they come to the studio;
  • View the ALT Playbook and studio group chat for the relevant information on today’s workout;
  • Review the programming explanation video to see each workout’s unique cues and deliverables;
  • Memorise the workout timing, flow and script; and
  • Be well-groomed and in correct ALT coaching attire.


We recommend that the Head Coach opens the studio, arriving at least 30 minutes before class. All other coaches at least 20 minutes before class, to ensure the studio is ‘session ready’.

Determine which coach will lead the introduction (Lead) and which will perform the demonstrations (Support).

This will also dictate who is signing in members and who will address any sales or admin.

  • Studio management generally designate class coaching roles. Standard practice would see our experienced coaches take the role of lead coach working with our newer coaches in a supporting role. If both coaches are rostered and are currently in supporting roles, the lead and support can be shared on rotation. This dynamic ensures we are working to our strengths and have very clear roles, giving us the best opportunity to deliver the best experience;
  • Lead coaches will be available to focus on any new members requiring introductions and admin as well as sales and communication to prospective members; and
  • Supporting coaches will focus on greeting members on arrival by name, checking each person in via the Glofox app and ensuring they have a photo or facilitating an intro with the lead coach for any sales or admin.

Physically walk through the stations and practice both the demo (to check proper form) and the narration (to determine any modifications you might offer).

  • This pre-class process is to be done on the arrival of the supporting coach and should take no longer then 5 minutes;
  • The routine of this walkthrough ensures both coaches are well prepared, on the same page, offered feedback to each other on language and form and decided on clear roles for the class. Determining potentially higher risk movements or stations that will need more attention is vital during this time; and
  • Take this opportunity as a rehearsal for the class and intro, so that you understand how each station will be communicated, demonstrated and how to attack the workout.

Quick class analysis:

  1. Check that each station has proper spacing, equipment, and layout; and
  2. Make sure that the studio is tidy and wiped down from the previous class.

Mingle with members. At ALT we as coaches must take responsibility for our community in and around classes. It is not enough to engage members in class. Giving priority to conversing with members about their day, week or life outside of the studio is vital.

  • Every person should get a smile and greeted by name;
  • Generate conversation by asking a question and focusing on them;
  • When engaging in conversation with members always stay present, maintain eye contact and give your full attention; and
  • Light background music should be playing via studio speaker system to ensure a comfortable setting is established for member’s pre-class.

1-2 Minutes prior to the class intro, coaches must ensure that the altitude, TV’s and music via iPad or phone is setup and loaded.

Supporting coach must check in all available members at the time of intro on the Glofox app (iPad). This is especially important in fully booked classes, to avoid overbooking. The responsibility of this login will ultimately fall on the Lead coach, so it is advised that the register is rechecked prior to class.

Aim to have members ready in the Air Lock room, for the class intro 30 secs prior to the designated workout time.

Music and fans should be off, and all members are directed to the Air Lock room for part one of the class introduction.

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