Air Locker Training

Coaches Manual

Air Locker Training Culture

Culture is the environment (both physical and mental) that a leader creates to make their people motivated, committed and secure.

As coaches we must understand buy-in. We must instinctively understand how to get this from our members and develop this in our own purpose.

It is vital that you understand that your position as a coach at Air Locker Training is an extension of you. We need all of you. Your integrity, your values and work ethic, that’s your power. If you are true to this, our members will walk through fire for ALT and for you. That’s the power of culture.

A snapshot that defines the culture we aspire to create at ALT;

>> Our foundations are built on care and compassion for the journey of every individual. Members feel heard and supported and truly believe they have found a place where they will not be judged but rather embraced regardless of their differences.

>> They train to be the best version of themselves. Understanding that the greatest measurement at ALT is not just effort, it’s belonging. Every session knowing that they are safe, coached relentlessly and have another opportunity to face and overcome uncomfortable.

>> This is embraced with the encouragement of newfound friends and teammates. People who drive all the actions with a positive mindset and in turn uplift each other to be their best.

Our habits will dictate how well we create and live out this culture in our studios. Your role and your contribution matters. It begins on the ground.

>> Inspire your members, make them feel safe and appreciated, and show them how much you care with your commitment and attention to detail every session. This breeds a positive culture, and THIS is what we are at Air Locker Training.

Air Locker Training Coaching Mission

“There is only one way to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making them want to do it.” – Dale Carnegie.

Our Air Locker environment is such an amazing, welcoming, open space. A space that allows members to thrive. Thrive socially, physically and mentally. A feeling we have all had the chance to experience and understand.

Our mission as coaches is to be hyper aware of our culture and to lead that in our individual studios. We as coaches will be judged on our performance when no one is around.

Our habits and consistency will assure day after day that we uphold high standards in our space, with our team and with pride in our work.

Attention to detail on the floor, knowledge of our systems and a genuine care for our members. That is infectious. That is our mission. Understand our brand, our people and our vision and then with intention, lead the way!

Air Locker Training Coaching Standards & Core Values

We believe that incredible coaches are the lifeblood (heartbeat) of each studio.

When members have an amazing experience, they associate those feelings with the excitement, culture, and inspiration that the coaches brought to the workout.

You are the face, voice, and power behind your studio, and your contributions are the largest indicator of your studio’s success. ALT skills and athletic knowledge can be taught, but true passion for helping people must be inherently in every ALT coach.

The standards of an ALT coach should be:

  • Ambitiously fit and able to complete all workouts;
  • Hard working and committed to their role, studio and the brand;
  • Passionate and willing;
  • Punctual and prepared;
  • Honouring your role and being someone that members can trust and get behind;
  • Self-aware, understanding who you are and your ALT coaching purpose;
  • Inspiring and motivating;
  • Able to multi-task and adapt;
  • Clear communicators that speak loudly, directly, confidently and concisely;
  • Consistently active and energetic on the floor;
  • Open to feedback and learning; and
  • Able to give regressions and progressions for all exercises.

Our core values as an ALT coach represent our preparation, performance and passion in one hit.

ALT coaches are PREPARED for each day and class by viewing the workout via playbook, video workout description and discussion with coaches on your studio platform. Focusing on the desired outcome for each workout, the flow, individual exercises and considering cues and regressions.

ALT coaches PERFORM at a high level. A level not to be met with fear but rather a consistent performance every class judged on their best effort and attention to detail for each member.

Coaches will be welcoming and engaging. Deliver an effective class introduction and be active and enthusiastic in class. We know and understand that our role goes far deeper than encouragement and communicating time and movement. We take pride in being able to get results with a confident approach to cueing and delivering the right explanations to our members.

PASSION is the engine that powers us through what we have to do.

“You don’t always have to love the hard work. You just have to crave the end result so intensely that the hard work is irrelevant.” – A quote from Michael Jordan’s coach Tim Grover.

When we love what we do and are so focused on our mission and our goals, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. Think of your passion for fitness, for helping people, for your ALT studio as energy. Energy waiting to shine through in your coaching and interactions.