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Whatever the health, fitness and wellness goals of class participants, it’s always good to know their efforts are moving them closer to their intended results.

As you know, when you train at Air Locker, your body is in an oxygen reduced environment, it is stimulated to adapt by enhancing the various ways it uses oxygen to produce energy. Through regular training, the body adapts or acclimatises to the environment and begins to perform more efficiently and effectively. Let’s ask ourselves some questions: –

Is there a way to measure effort during a class?
Yes, a pulse oximeter is a very quick and simple way to measure a person’s performance whilst training.

What is a pulse oximeter and how does it work?
A pulse oximeter is a small electronic device that estimates the saturation of oxygen in your blood. You can get a reading quickly, by simply placing your index figure into the device, which then sends different wavelengths of light through the small capillaries, measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood. The pulse oximeter also displays your pulse in beats per minute.

Air Locker Training - Technology - Pulse Oximeters

How do you get the most out of every session?
It’s an important question and luckily there is an easy answer. When you measure oxygen saturation, the aim is to have a reading in the range of 80-85%. This is the target zone which provides optimum results from training at high altitude.

85-90% – increase effort a little
80-85% – you are training in the zone, stay here for max results
75-80% – ease effort a little
< 75% – you need to slow down to get any benefit

What if you feel you can train at a higher intensity?
We really want everyone to enjoy their session and by reducing oxygen saturation to very low levels, the body telling you it needs a little more time to acclimatise to that effort at that altitude level at that time. The good news is that through regular training, the body will naturally adjust, allowing an increase in intensity whilst staying in the target 80-85% training zone.

Where are the pulse oximeters?
Pulse oximeters are placed around the studio at a predetermined exercise that allows members to quickly get a reading without interrupting their flow. Coaches are responsible for pointing them out before a session begins.

Can members bring their own pulse oximeter?
Yes, they can. In fact we recommend it, just as some bring their own boxing gloves. Pulse oximeters will soon be able to purchase at studio reception.

Remember, too low is a no-go!

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