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Coach Sales

While membership sales aren’t a requisite part of being a coach, you are in fact a crucial part of the entire sales process because of your contribution towards the member journey and overall experience. In fact, as a Coach you are often the most well-suited person to have a sales conversation as you develop a relationship over a trial period with prospective members.

“Sales is not my thing. I just want to train”

Many coaches share the sentiment that they are not a “salesperson” they are a Coach, and that is all they want to do, regardless of incentives. We believe that being a sales-focused team member isn’t about having the closing conversation and asking for the credit card, it is about creating value and contributing to the positive experience a new member has, every step of the way.

Create value through the experience and be committed to participant results.

A prospective member decides to join the studio because they have an incredible experience every time they come to work out. In your position as coach, on stage, you inherit a position of responsibility to deliver a memorable experience. From knowing their name when they walk in, to being committed to delivering the best workout possible.

As a knowledgeable and confident coach, you are a team member tasked with creating massive value for each new member – it’s just part of the job!

Accept it as you do your coaching ability. This, in turn, will results in sales.

“So how can I help?”

Coaches can increase membership rates by simply:

  • Knowing everyone’s name;
  • Making new people feel welcome and accepted;
  • Being a good listener;
  • Being committed to class attendance and getting results;
  • Making sure the studio is clean and tidy;
  • Being prepared for class and delivering an awesome session;
  • Speaking well of the brand and benefits of the workout;
  • Checking in on a prospective member’s trial experience and needs; and
  • Leading a prospective member to a salesperson to finaliSe their membership.