Air Locker Training

Coaches Manual

Hydration & Recovery Breaks

It’s important we can take advantage as coaches of the opportunity during recovery and hydration breaks. Not only can we have an impact on each member and they’re effectiveness for their next effort, but we can also influence key messages during these periods.

It is important that during the countdown to a recovery and hydration break, the Lead coach has positioned themselves so they can reduce the volume of the music to low and deliver key messaging to the entire class.

Key messaging includes: –

  • Positive reinforcement;
  • Using the time effectively and instructing members to properly hydrate;
    Instruct members to focus on their breathing. Recovery breathing method is as follows;
    – Full deep exhale.
    – Try as quickly and effectively as possible to move into nasal and mouth breathing (in through the nose and out through the mouth).
    – Promote a controlled and slow breathing pattern to trigger a recovery response and help reduce the heart rate.
  • Encourage the next effort and remind members where they will be next positioned, how they will move and what are the key focuses of the workout; and
  • Instructing members to be ready, count them in to the next set and music back on to in class volume.

Building Team Culture In Our Workouts

The building blocks for the dream culture within each team is built on trust. A space where members feel comfortable and supported by us as coaches and encouraged to do the same as members.

Our members must be bound by a common purpose. A shared ideology and like-minded approach to each workout and their purpose for being at ALT.

Getting our members aligned and connected at a higher level is what taps into the true potential and desires as humans.

We all want to feel a part of something. Have the confidence to be ourselves and better yet own that. Feel like the people around you, share the same passion and enthusiasm for training and uplifting other people.

As coaches, we may have experienced this before – been a part of a winning team or held a sense of belonging amongst a certain group or situation. Those elements are the magic that we must embed into our workouts, coaching, language and member experience. Those elements getting less common as we age and narrow our focus because of work or family etc.

Air Locker Training culture is that exact opportunity to embrace all of the above and create the space where we can truly optimise each human, each member, to their greatest potential in both body and mind. As coaches we can impact and develop our members. Members form teams. Teams empower our studios and coaches.

“The most effective way to forge a winning team is to call on the players need to connect with something larger than themselves.” – Phil Jackson (Chicago Bulls 6x Championship Winning Coach).

Our Air Locker uniform is a starting point. Use it as a reminder that we have the power every session to create a community of belief and a sense of belonging. People will respond to that feeling of belonging. We are naturally wired to find comfort when we feel like we belong to a group.

Your studio, your team, your tribe must centre around belief. When we are surrounded by others who believe, it makes our mission and its importance that much more real. Your team will come together to collectively achieve things that they never thought they could accomplish on their own.

Although your team is made up of different people, we all come together over the collective idea, belief and mission that is Air Locker Training. The success of our studio and our members will come when the commitment meets the beliefs.

Some key points for us as coaches to focus on and an understanding of the type of members we want to build on our team: –


  • Be engaged. Care about what is going on around you;
  • Be enthusiastic. Show that you care about what is going on around you. In class, pre class and post class. Try to bring an infectious and positive energy to those who are training; and
  • Be ready. Don’t operate on surface level and see your role as just a coach taking a class. Make the most of this opportunity and create an unforgettable life changing experience for our members.


  • Supportive. They take the time to introduce themselves and offer compassionate advice and support during and around our workouts;
  • Accountability. Your members will operate with so much love and gratitude to their studio that they will start to hold their peers and other members accountable for their own efforts and actions;
  • Respect. Courteous in their approach to any feedback or ideas that they may have for your studios best interest; and
  • Work ethic. Consistently giving their best effort every class and uplifting those around them with their attitude.