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In-Studio Monitors

Air Lockers in-studio monitors provide a structured activity and time-based breakdown of every themed workout and their individual flows.

Each screen tile is a vital prop for coaches, triggering each phase of the workout with a clockwise indicator countdown, moving class participants through the workout from start to end.

Monitors display the following information: –

  1. Workout name and logo
  2. Session activity e.g., Warm Up, Active, Rest etc.
  3. Activity countdown clock

Air Locker Training - Technology - In-Studio Monitors

Access to the monitors is via the iPad, where the scheduled workout is selected and displayed on the screen ready for the start of the class. Set-up should be complete as part of the Pre-Session stage detailed earlier.


Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.

The Myzone belt worn around the chest, tracks and displays your heart rate (with an EKG accuracy of 99.4%) by name, on the in-studio monitor (along with other attributes). The display also uses a colour-coded effort system where grey represents a comfortable effort up to red, which represents a high intensity effort. Everyone’s goal is different, so the aim is not always to get to red.

Air Locker Training - Technology - Myzone

Participants using a Myzone belt during their session are rewarded through Myzone MEPS (Myzone Effort Points). The more time you spend in your effort level (represented by the colour-coded intensity chart above), the more MEPS you receive.

Users can track all their in-class efforts and the MEPS they are rewarded for every minute of effort through the Myzone App.

Please note: Myzone is an ‘optional extra’ for an Air Locker Training studio and may not be part of your studio set up.

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