Air Locker Training

Coaches Manual

Introduction & Warm Up

Part One (Air Lock room) – Lead Coach delivers the workout introduction.

  • Warm Energetic Welcome + Today’s Workout + Coach Names;
  • Speak to the altitude script and acknowledge its role and safety requirements;
    Acknowledge new members;
  • Today’s workout information with Work, Rest, Sets, Laps;
  • Workout script and how to attack the session;
  • Pre-screen the group for injuries and ensure your availability to offer regressions around any exercise;
  • Direct the group inside to the training floor for the exercise explanation and demonstration;
  • Support coach will head to station 1 for the demo, lead coach will hold the door and continue to communicate and encourage members for the workout until everyone is inside;
  • The Support coach will demonstrate each station, while the Lead coach narrates, offering a direct and detailed description and possible regressions;
  • After each station has been demonstrated, the lead coach will adjust the music to a low to medium level to change the atmosphere in the room for the warmup;
  • The supporting coach will now command the room and deliver a thorough and direct warmup whilst the lead coach designates members to certain stations;
  • The Lead coach will also directly touch base with any new members and anyone with injuries;
  • After the warm-up there is a 10 second countdown. This will be triggered by the Lead coach and will countdown to start the workout; and
  • The lead coach will address the music and volume and make sure everyone is in station and ready to workout.

Part Two (In Class)

During the workout it is important to have established your key focuses around your role as either Support Coach or Lead Coach. This will ensure you have clear direction and confidence in how to best spend your time and attention during the workout.

Generally –

  • Scan the room for safety and modifications;
  • Refer to the 5 Avatars of ALT to determine who is your priority and what they need;
  • Motivate the class with high energy, member participation, and encouragement;
    Keep the studio clean and orderly, resetting equipment and wiping down/cleaning when necessary;
  • Direct the class with specific language and focus points that speak to exactly how to attack today’s individual workout; and
  • Communicate the timing and rotations on each set.

Rest and hydration breaks –

  • Coaches should countdown and instruct incoming rest/hydration breaks;
  • Lead coach should return the music to a low-medium level (as per warm up) and communicate positive feedback, what is next, movement and how to best utilise their recovery/rest period;
  • All members should be instructed back to the floor and their stations 20 seconds prior to the workout recommencing; and
  • Adjust music and count in members to take on the next phase of the workout.

Air Locker Training - ALT Unique Selling PointsMindset

Unique to Air Locker Training in the Group Fitness space, the Mindset block is a 2-minute meditation piece which closes out each workout session.

The compounding effect of meditation 3, 4 or 5 times per week, even for 2 minutes, can have a huge effect on personal outlook and attitude to strains and stresses of what life in general can throw our way.

Benefits of meditation can include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations;
  • Building skills to manage stress;
  • Increasing self-awareness;
  • Focusing on the present;
  • Reducing negative emotions;
  • Increasing imagination and creativity; and
  • Increasing patience and tolerance.

Air Locker have curated six structured meditation pieces (more coming later) each with an inspirational theme that is intended to leave class participants reinvigorated, refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges you have in front of you right now.

We encourage all coaches embrace these last few minutes of the session as it could be the most empowering part of the workout for many class participants.

An example is the script for the 2 minute ‘Positivity’ themed piece as below: –

Meditation #2
Theme: Positivity

11 seconds music lead in…

“Welcome to the Air Locker Training Mindset Block. After today’s strong session, I invite you to settle onto your back for a few moments of purposeful and positively nourishing rest [4 sec pause]. Begin by drawing your attention to your breath [3 sec pause], and as you do so, invite all muscles from head to toe to consciously relax [6 sec pause].

By showing up for today’s workout, you’ve strengthened and supported yourself both physically and mentally. Engaging the body in this way increases both endorphin and serotonin levels, helping you to feel positive, inspired, and at peace as you move forward [6 sec pause].

To reaffirm this positive energy, I invite you to silently repeat the following positive affirmations:

My mind is strong and focused [6 sec pause].

I honour the vessel that is my physical body [6 sec pause].

I am radiant and confident, prepared for the day ahead [8 sec pause].

Now, come back to your breath for one more full cycle [8 sec pause]. And when you are ready, gently flicker your eyes open as you come back to the room around you.

Thank you for being here today. Air Locker Training, look forward to seeing you on your next visit.”

Post Workout

Coaches should be positioned and in place to countdown workout and adjust music volume for the end of each class.

Once the class is over, shift your focus and attention to each individual.

Praise their efforts, create a touchpoint with every member and start to communicate our next steps for stretch, recovery, breathing and mindfulness.

  • High Five every member;
  • Congratulate each member on their success and hard work;
  • Clearly and directly instruct members to position themselves for the stretch and recovery block;
  • Once complete instruct each member to find a space to lay back, calm their mind and start to focus on their breathing;
  • Complete a 1.5-2 minute mindfulness guided meditation and practice.
    Reiterate the congratulations and express gratitude for today’s workout and their attendance;
  • Take a team photo in front of the ALT sign on occasion;
  • Clean up the studio and prep for the next class; and
  • Lead coach will focus on engagement with members post class and making themselves available for members in the next class. The support coach will finalise any cleaning or adjustments to the training floor and equipment before heading outside to start the pre class process.

Always remember to be open to speak to members and answer any questions.