Air Locker Training

Coaches Manual

Themed Workouts

ALT currently houses 25 different workouts. Each workout is themed around the foundations mentioned earlier, Resilience, Conditioning or Hybrid.

ALT expects to add a variety of new workouts into the playbook consistently for our future programming schedule. The ALT workouts include:-

  1. Hills
  2. Phoenix
  3. Crowns
  4. Donuts
  5. Skyline
  6. Mexico City
  7. The Track
  8. Shorty’s
  9. Ladders
  10. Heroes
  11. Knights
  12. Diamonds
  13. Emeralds
  14. Basecamp
  15. Wonderland
  16. Burning Man
  17. Martini
  18. Fox
  19. Daisies
  20. Everest
  21. K2
  22. Mixtape
  23. Olympus
  24. Rapid Fire
  25. Junior

Daily & Weekly Programming

At ALT our weekly programming flow operates under the current template of: –

AM – Hybrid Workout
PM – Resilience Lower Body

AM – Resilience Lower Body
PM – Conditioning

AM – Conditioning
PM – Resilience Upper Body

AM – Resilience Upper Body
PM – Conditioning

AM – Conditioning
PM – Feature Class

AM – Hybrid

Workouts following each other on different days will never replicate the same flow in movement and timing.

The set up for the next class will be completed post the last class of the morning schedule to prepare for the changeover in workout and theme.

Class Set Up

The layout and setup of each workout is imperative to the function and desired outcome.

Each studio will face their own individual challenges around their space. Storage, floor space and studio shape will all be contributing factors.

It is important that we have a strong understanding of each workout and what it’s trying to achieve prior to starting the workout setup. This knowledge enables you to put yourself in the members shoes and make sure that the flow and station positioning speaks to the programmed workout.

Although at times tedious we need to buy into the fact that a really good setup that is strategic and, in some cases, creative can have a massive impact on the workout and we should place great importance in getting it right. Not only for us as coaches but for the member experience.

If you find a station or piece of equipment to just become too challenging for your individual studio the first step is to attempt to replicate the programmed position of the station and movement.

Ideally you try to find something similar and maintain its position in the workout flow.

If this is a recurring theme around a particular exercise or position, please contact HQ to review.

Please DO NOT change an exercise out for a randomly selected substitute and or move stations to anywhere in the workout flow.

All exercises have been carefully positioned, placed and thought out.