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Air Locker Training is unique, but not exclusive to the elite athlete.

Focused on promoting health and wellness, ALT uses Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) to create an environment that encourages the human body to push itself, simply by reducing the amount of oxygen in the room.

Completely safe and non-invasive, this method of training is backed by extensive evidence and boosts the health of the mind, body and soul. Every single person, no matter their fitness level, can enhance physical performance when training with us. Altitude is for everyone.

ALT goes beyond the sweat. The intent, the purpose and the research which surrounds Simulated Altitude Training all prove one thing – that there is a relationship between altitude training, health and wellness; all three of which are vital to your lifestyle.

ALT has entered the group training space with a focus on providing the best possible workout. Our holistic approach forms the foundations of the experience we offered: –

  • Strength and resilience;
  • Fitness and conditioning;
  • Team culture and support; and
  • Community and friends.

Applying these principles in a high-altitude environment with detailed programming reinforces the purpose of ALT as the total body and mind, training and lifestyle choice that everyone needs.

Air Locker Training - ALT Unique Selling PointsThe Role of Altitude

When the human body is in an oxygen reduced environment whether at rest or walking or cycling, it is stimulated to adapt by enhancing the various ways it uses oxygen to produce energy. In turn this boosts our body’s efficiency, improving the way our heart and lung’s function, in addition to the way our muscles and other organs use fuel.

Through regular training in an altitude environment, the human body is exposed to a surrounding that naturally helps it to adapt both physically and mentally, and to perform more efficiently and effectively.


Air Locker Training - ALT Unique Selling PointsFocus Through Fatigue (FTF)

Air Locker Training consolidated the most effective training principles into a new training methodology we call Focus Through Fatigue (FTF).

Extremely effective in fat loss and muscle gain, the FTF Training method takes advantage of a low oxygen environment and targets the way our muscles and other organs use fuel. With less oxygen in the body, it ultimately must become more efficient, improving the way the heart and lungs function to cope with the new demands placed on it.

By performing a combination of high intensity cardio and functional exercises we increase the heart rate, which in turn, drops the level of blood oxygen saturation, forcing the body to adapt and use oxygen more efficiently to perform. That adaptation is acclimatisation. Zeroing in on technique and ‘form’ after increasing your heart rate, the challenge then becomes to Focus Through Fatigue.

As an ALT coach it is very important to fully understand the FTF concept. In doing so, we ensure the whole team consistently delivers the right language and cues that ultimately dictate how our members perform the workout.

As coaches we want to speak to the cognitive effects especially when performing any neuro sets but also understanding that constantly challenging ourselves mentally to focus and adapt to the changes in sets from Boost-to-Rep-to-Form is where the benefits will be reaped.

On that mental note, FTF training speaks to us on a deeper level. The ‘choices’ we make during our workouts are working towards a bigger goal. Our ALT members are ‘The Modern-Day Warriors’. Resilient, optimistic, encouraging and a great teammate. The adversities presented in a single workout are many. Some of these may sound familiar: –

  • 5 seconds to go on a rep set. You’ve reached your limit and your body is begging you to stop;
  • Our infamous Bermuda workout. You come out of a tough Boost-to-Rep set and land on your rest break; and
  • You roll off the rower into a Form set. Adrenaline and heart rate is up, and you now need to focus on technique, tempo and keeping the working muscle under tension.

These examples at this point, you could easily be forgiven for stopping early, head down and hands on hips taking your rest break or rolling into your next set and just getting through the exercise with no focus on Form.

BUT you make the choice to grit your teeth and get through the set, encourage your mate, use your voice and support that next effort and make the choice to change the level and zero in laser focused on your tempo and form of the exercise after a cardio blowout.

These choices in the face of adversity are powerful. It may seem hard to grasp given they are simple but these five choices that you decided to persevere and flex that mental muscle in a 4–6-day training week, well now we have members who are resilient. They relish the opportunities to take on adversity and personal challenges in their day to day lives.

Relationships, work, sport; our members are focused through fatigue and focused through life.

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