Air Locker FAQ’S


The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone in our community and we appreciate your continued patience during a time where restrictions apply. For Air Locker Training, your safety remains the highest priority, and we would like to assure you of our commitment to following state government guidelines for social distancing and hygiene standards. If you are feeling unwell or have any of the symptoms of the coronavirus, we would ask that you respect the safety of all others by not attending the studio.

Booking for your session is essential. With regulations in place, and with your safety in mind, we have a 20 member per class restriction. Please book before coming into the studio so you don’t miss out.

All staff at our ALT locations have completed their COVID safe training and have their government issued training certification.

Yes, it does. It is essential that everyone demonstrate social distancing of 1.5m at all times.

We ask:

  • No high fives, foot taps only 
  • Maximum of 2 people per station
  • No crowding at bag racks

Yes, all Air Locker Training studios now have a regular deep clean, as well as cleaning before and after every single class.

Yes, kids can still attend the Rising Stars classes. Please check your studio timetable for class times and availability.

When you arrive at the studio, you will be greeted by a trainer who will ensure you have booked and are checked into your class. You’ll then be able to go into the studio and get ready for your class as normal.

If you can’t make it to a session, please cancel your booking via the app ASAP. This will allow other members to take your spot in the class. You will be able to cancel your session up to 2 hours prior to your session without any penalty. It’s important we respect bookings and if any members are found to be continuously misusing the booking system, restrictions to your booking abilities will apply.

Yes. Restrictions on class numbers could mean there is a waitlist for some classes. When you book a class via the app or website, you will be directed to join a waitlist if the class is already full. If someone cancels their booking, the next person in line on the waitlist will be notified via text or email and can join the class.

Yes. Social distancing rules and restrictions mean that our class sizes will be reduced for the time being. Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and have a cap of 2 people per station at all classes while maintaining a 1.5m gap. You and your friends can still all book and attend a class.

Air Locker Training will be implementing all National and state regulations as well as implementing extra measures necessary to ensure the safety of all members, guests and staff.


The air we breathe contains around 79% Nitrogen, 20.9% Oxygen and a mixture of other smaller gases. In an Air Locker Training Studio, a Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) environment is created by reducing the amount of oxygen in the room. When the human body is in an oxygen reduced environment, it is stimulated to adapt to this different environment by enhancing the various ways it uses oxygen to produce energy. In turn this boosts our body’s efficiency, improving the way our heart and lungs function, in addition to the way our muscles and other organs use fuel.

Just like undertaking any normal exercise regime, anyone taking prescribed medication that may have an impact on exercising, has current injuries, is pregnant, or has a known or suspected cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, metabolic or musculoskeletal condition must seek clearance from a health professional or their GP.

Our sessions are conducted at around 14% oxygen and at a simulated altitude level of between 3200-3500 meters.

Whilst exercising at altitude you can measure your effort and progress by using a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a small non-evasive device placed on your index finger that measures your oxygen saturation (sa02%) and heart rate. Having this visual aid and the metrics gives you instant performance feedback and keeps you on track to achieve your goals. Your trainer will let you more about the guidelines to help you achieve optimum results from your training and of course the locations of the pulse oximeters.

There are a number of scientifically proven benefits associated with SAT, including:

  • Increased weight loss and metabolic rate.
  • Increased energy and endurance levels.
  • Improved aerobic conditioning and cardiovascular health.
  • Improved rehabilitation and recovery

Of course, some see improvements quicker than others. Improvements show themselves through an increased ability to breathe more efficiently whilst performing your classes. This is because your body is acclimatising and adjusting to the reduced oxygen levels. With this, you'll notice your ability to push a little harder will return.

As with any other form of exercise, excessive training in an altitude environment could lead to overtraining resulting in fatigue, decreased REM sleep and a decline in performance. Of course, everyone responds differently to physical activity and regardless of the type of exercise, factors such as intensity, frequency and duration of exercise should be taken into consideration, as should current and past exercise regimes, medical history, injuries and any other ailments an individual feels could have an impact on their participation in exercise. If you are returning to exercise after a long period of time, after childbirth or a recent operation or injury, you should always seek medical advice from a health professional before resuming any fitness program.


No, but our 12-month membership is our most cost-effective option. All Air Locker Training studios offer a range of flexible membership packages, including family options. Speak to your local studio to find out what membership option will suit you best. 

As when you join any club or sports team, there’s a start-up or joining fee. The joining is a one-off payment equivalent to the weekly membership rate you choose.

No. All memberships, regardless of type, offer the same unlimited access to our awesome group fitness classes.

No! You can attend any class as often as you like.

By exercising regularly and improving your eating habits (if you feel you have to), you can expect to increase your fitness, lose weight, gain strength and tone, boost your metabolism, improve digestion, sleep better and feel more energised! Exercising at altitude is especially beneficial for decreasing body fat and improved rehabilitation and recovery.

Air Locker Training is looking to implement a Flexible Membership system in 2021, which means you will have access to any Air Locker Training studio in Australia. Once you join, your home studio (we call it your Base Camp studio) can explain how this works. Watch this space!

If you decide you no longer want to be a member at Air Locker Training, you can cancel at any time. You should notify your studio as soon as possible, in writing, to begin the cancellation process. Cancellation conditions and fees will depend on the term of your membership.

Your membership can be put on hold or suspended for up to 4 weeks over a 12-month period depending on the term of your membership. A small fee applies each time you do this - check with your studio about their policies and prices.

It’s no fashion parade at Air Locker Training, you just need to make sure you're wearing something comfortable and breathable. A good pair of trainers would be a good move and of course bring a towel and water bottle.

Yes. Working out with a friend is great motivation, especially on the days when you feel you need a little nudge to get through the door! Why not bring a friend or member of your family along for company or support. If you have a friend who wants to come along, they can grab a free day pass via the website, then simply book in for a class.

There are a huge range of themed workouts at Air Locker Training with classes offering a variety of strength, cardio and conditioning workouts with a focus on areas of the body such as (legs, upper body, core, abs etc. Each studio offers a different timetable, which is posted two weeks in advance and can be viewed via the app or website. We recommend trying as many classes as you can to see which ones you like best. Whatever you choose, the group atmosphere, fun music and energy of the trainers will keep you motivated and get you moving on those days when you otherwise wouldn’t feel like it.

All up, classes last for approximately 45- 50 minutes, so you can fit them into your day no matter how busy you are. You’ll burn calories and have a lot of fun doing it!

Yes. Rising Stars is a new Air Locker Training program designed specifically for kids and youths aged between 10-18. Emphasising the importance of maintaining an active and balanced day-to-day life for youngsters, the program teaches:

  •  Focus endurance and concentration
  • Overall strength and stamina, developing foundations and proper form/technique for future performance
  • Confidence and self-esteem with a “can-do” attitude
  • Tips for mindfulness and inner happiness
  • Healthy eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits