Mexico City Workout

Mexico City

Just like Mexico City is known for its high altitude and dense population, this workout is designed to put the pressure on! Mimicking its thin oxygen levels, you will be pushing through this core and activation focused workout as a team. Consisting of 27 different stations, our SAT workout environments take you to Mexico City.

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The Track

The Track is an absolute calorie conquerer! This workout simulates the aerobic output and lactic acid built up when running 400m sprints around a track; except, we’ve made it enjoyable. This workout will have your heart rate up and legs burning as you follow ‘The Track’ around the gym floor, powering through this workout!

FOX Workotu


In Fox We Box! An Air Locker Training Favourite, this workout is designed to target the core, burn fat and increase fitness through boxing exercises. It doesn’t end there. This workout incorporates a variety of upper and lower body exercises to ensure a full-body experience, targeting muscles all over.

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Just like sprinting up a steep hill, your legs will be put through their paces during this workout. By focusing on 80% lower body and 20% abs and detail, the Hills is designed to tone your legs, activate your core and switch on your glutes. This is an Air Locker Training original lower body FTF certified workout.

CROWNS Workout


This Saturday morning workout will have you feeling like royalty. A little longer in duration than our weekday workouts, you’ll have 42 minutes to kick start your weekend and keep you in good shape for your days off. Targeting all parts of your body with multifunctional exercises, drop sets and, of course, our signature Boost Sets. Get your weekend of to the best start.



Introducing the Phoenix – a workout that preys on both your chest and back. Just like Yin and Yang, this workout is the ultimate push and pull combination, associating two contradicting forces, creating the perfect balance. A certified FTF workout that develops great posture and improves upper body strength all in one.